About Crystal

Leader - "The Life Activator"

Crystal Brown is a woman making a difference. She is a Survivor in more ways than one. Surviving a near death experience due to Domestic Violence within her previous marriage, being molested when she was child, and growing up fatherless, she has defied all odds. She should be a statistic but, chooses to be a survivor with a purpose. That purpose being, to activate every life she comes across and help someone find their smile again.  Crystal has dedicated her life to helping men and women who deal with trauma from Domestic Violence and other experiences by utilizing her own personal story of triumph. She has connected with countless resources and professionals that render services specifically tailored to victims and survivors of Domestic Violence.  ​For years she has helped people become the best them they can be.  Donning the name "Life Activator" Crystal is a natural motivator and has a proven track record of helping many find their purpose and meet their goals.  Walking many through the most difficult moments of their lives, she has found purpose after the pain. Now she is ready to work with you.  ​  If you are ready to activate your life and take a journey to better, greater  then LETS GO! All it takes is the first step now take it.  "We are the voice for the voiceless. We MUST make sure they are heard".​

Pastor- PCB

Ordained Elder and Senior Pastor of one of the greatest ministries on earth, The Impact Center located in Douglasville, Ga. Pastor Crystal's mission is simple to make impact in every person, region and nation possible. Seeing people become free from their past and happy in their journey with Christ is why she continues to serve. Creating a no judgement zone within the ministry provides an environment that promotes change and growth. Being committed isn't easy it's necessary for lives to be changed.